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·      Do not immerse in water – always remove before washing hands (rings), showering, bathing or swimming and avoid wearing when exercising/sweating. 

·      Avoid exposure to other metals (such as other jewellery) and chemicals such as perfume, moisturiser, wet wipes, cleaning products and antibacterial gel as this may cause the silver to tarnish. We suggest storing in a sealed container/jewellery box (in a separate compartment to other jewellery) or zip locked bag. Although sterling silver is of a higher quality than silver plated, over time some tarnishing may occur. If this begins to happen, wipe with a silver cleaning cloth (available at most jewellery/accessory stores). 

·      Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The preserved moss in particular is sensitive to constant sun exposure, so please store away from the sun. 

·      Do not sleep or play sport whilst wearing jewellery.

·      Keep out of reach of children and take care when holding little ones whilst wearing.




·      Keep out of reach of children. This is not a toy and not to be used as a teether.

·      Ensure piece is out of reach of children. Do not hand or mount near/above cots or beds.

·      For mini plaques, if using in a doll house, ensure the plaque is permanently fixed to a wall or furnishing and supervise children when playing. These are not suitable for children under 3.

·      Keep out of direct sunlight as this may cause the colours to fade and timber to warp.



·      Keep out of reach of children.

·      Bulbs are extremely fragile, always take care when handling and setting (be careful it is secure on base). Items in repurposed bulbs are not affixed (glued or otherwise), as this would be seen through the glass and would compromise the visual integrity of the bulb. Do not vigorously shake or tip.

·      For decoration only, this cannot be used as a working light bulb.

·      Open light bulbs may have sharp edges along the opening: to hollow the light bulb, layers of glass are broken and removed from the metal edging. Every care is taken to remove all glass and file the metal edges, however some glass fragments may remain and not all edges can be completely smoothed (this gives the bulb its rustic/repurposed appeal – just keep your fingers away!)

·      Keep out of direct sunlight, heat may cause the glass to cloud

·      Keep away from the direct line of air-conditioning fan/vent as the moisture may cause the bulb to condensate. 

·      To clean the outside, wipe with window cleaner or a micro-fibre dust cloth.

·      If a part within the bulb falls out of place, contact us for fix tips.




·      Surface wipeable only

·      To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth using mild soap/detergent (if required). Do not immerse in water, do not place in the dishwasher, do not place under running water.

·      Ensure tableware is completely dry before putting away.

·      Tableware should not be used as a cutting board.

·      Keep out of direct sunlight/outdoor conditions for prolonged periods of time as this may compromise the sealant.

·      Very cold drinks/food may leave a white ring/mark, this is temporary and will disappear within a short time once the item is removed. Very hot drinks may also temporarily stick to coaster. We recommend using for cold to warm drinks.

·      Depending on use, tableware may require revarnishing every 1-3 years. We recommend a durable, water based and food safe clear varnish – you can find these online or at some hardware stores.

·      Do not use as a toy or teether for children.

·      Due to the nature of timber, there may be knots, chips or exposed grain. Think of these as special characteristics that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

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