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Hey there, I'm Jacinta: wife, mumma of two little ones and primary school teacher from the beautiful part of the world that is Central QLD, Australia. Bringing you unique interior wares and style pieces, I design and handcraft every single piece that leaves the studio #MadeByHandWithHeart

Bloomlette was previously known as The Bulb & the Beautiful and was officially established in early 2015 after a lifelong love of all things artistic, stylish and creative. The name was born from my signature item: the repurposed light bulb where vintage-style ex-lightbulbs are hollowed, cleaned with the screws repainted and filled with, well whatever takes my fancy! Not to forget those cute little mini light bulb pendants which have also lit the way into your hearts. 

However as my product line has changed with time and trends, I was drawn to a name change that better reflecting my evolving business and also highlighted my constant botanical inspired pieces. So, Bloomlette was born!

You can get a better insight into Bloomlette one square picture at a time on Instagram: @bloomlette_ or keep up to date on Facebook:

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